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I’ve worked with fantastic clients

Let’s add you to that list

“Chris has been the “voice” of one of my largest clients for the last 4 years, in their corporate videos, training and promotional audio materials. We have recorded dozens of voice overs live through Skype for years, with the same results every time—a final product that my client absolutely loves”

Doug Carter
Creative Director | Ivor Andrew

“Chris is so great to work with. He works within your budget to get the job done. Even with a quick turnaround he really blew our clients away!”

Sarah Stusek
Producer | TBC Advertising

“You did an awesome job on the Nelson’s Greenbrier spot, they are going to love it!”

Jared Rauso
Producer | Make It Pop LLC

“Heck, if any of my other clients are looking for a great male voice, I’m coming to you!!!”

Heidi Baker
Talent | Heidi Baker Voiceover

“Chris is a pro, and a real voice actor—not just an announcer. I recommend that you hire him, but not so often that I can’t book him.”

Don Veinish
Creative Director | Joe Audio

“Not only is he an audio pro, but a fine voice actor as well. His smooth tones backed with passion and power will give your next project exactly what it needs.”

Joe Loesch
Voiceover Coach

“Very nice. Good tempo, nice casual lilt to it, not too polished and yet you hit the beats and the product cleanly. Well done!”

David Stieve
Talent Agent | AKA Talent Agency

“Chris provided us with fast timely service even with a tight deadline and came through with a well executed and professional radio advertisement.”

Adam Simpson
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